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IMPORTANT: Plugin is temporary not available for purchase!

Running plugin

How to start plugin in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Before start plugin! Important!

In some cases, because of security reasons, Adobe Illustrator can not create folders for plugin and it will not work.
You have to create one folder manually. Open Adobe plugins folder in finder and create "eCut" folder in it. That is all - you can continue starting plugin.

Adobe Illustrator/Plugins/eCut

Running plugin (PlayerDebugMode)

Applications will normally not load an extension unless it is cryptographically signed. However, we want to be able to quickly run an extension without having to sign it.

Turning on PlayerDebugMode

These entries will enable debug extensions to be displayed in the host applications. Please note that, CSXS.9 is given with the assumption that, you are developing the extension for CEP 9. If you are developing extension for previous version of CEP, replace 9 with corresponding version number.

Special notes for macOS 10.9 and higher

Staring with macOS 10.9, Apple introduced a caching mechanism for plist files. Your modifications to plist files does not take effect until the cache gets updated (on a periodic basis, you cannot know exactly when the update will happen). To make sure your modifications take effect, there are two methods.

Copying the extension UI folder into place

Now that the system is ready to load our unsigned extension, the last thing we have to do is copy our extension UI folder into the shared extensions folder on disk:

* full article see on Adobe site

* or on github